Magic in Tenov is extremely undefined at this point.

Amulets Edit


Magical amulets are one of the most common ways to use magic in Tenov. Each amulet grants limited control over a certain element. One cannot create an element, only affect things already in place. Thus- an earth amulet would be useless on the water, and a water unless in a desert. there are around five hundred amulets in Tenov.

Sloths Edit

The sloths on Akalani have a peculiar mutualistic relationship with some individuals of the Gurdu people in the Yonei Valley. Upon birth, a child is paired with a sloth, and they live in harmony together, virtually inseparable. There are records of this relationship granting the human extraordinary powers, such as flight, super strength, invisibility, pyromancy, hydromancy, and shapeshifting. It is likely there are more.

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